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Swedish Inspiration

I never met the man who inspired my art career. My Great Grandfather was a woodworker and carpenter by trade but all I could see with my child eyes was the artist.

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My Great Grandfather

Above the fireplace of the cottage hung one of the most exquiste pieces of art I had ever seen. He had carved an entire scene of a ship at sea. Every wave hand painted, and tiny intriqute wires used to create ropes and hang the sails. It was carved into a piece of wood, as was the entire frame and then covered with a piece of glass. I would sit in a little wooden rocking chair, cozy by the fire and stare. It mesmerized me how he was able to do that.

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"Homeward Bound" wooden carving and painting by my Great Grandfather

The years of appreciation continued and I never missed a thing I could find, that he had created. There were pieces of him and his imagination all over the home. A bust of a man carved into a fence post, door frames with scroll work and sconces and lamps of beautiful women or vikings. His theme was often from his native Swedish heritage and the adventurous spirit of his work captivated me.

I wish I could have met the man that inspired me to try to carve, whittling on old stick with my silly pocket knife I BEGGED to have and then shortly lost it, playing somewhere on the 40 acres of pine covered woods. I went on to draw and learn and build on the spark he ignited in me.I will forever be grateful to my Great Grandfather for showing me this part of him even decades later. Art is an amazing thing and I hope to leave an inspiring heritage for my family as well.

wooden carving of boy, artwork, fine art, carving of turtle, carving of boy,
One of my favorites, his fishing pole broke.

Warmest Regards,


Viking artwork, viking, swedish viking, nordic viking artwork, artwork fine art, carved wooden art, carved viking
A Viking , carved on a chest/clock


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