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"Ocean Breeze"

"Ocean Breeze"

(SOLD)"Ocean Breeze" is a 3 panel piece. This triptych is composed of 3 panels, designed to flow together. Each panel is 18x24, placed side by side the piece is approximately 54x24, depending how far you choose to space the panels.This is a great solution for a large wall space without having to commission a extremely large canvas, or pay high shipping costs from a gallery. Multiple panels can be shipped with ease, sized accordingly and made to order for your situation. An original acrylic painting, with layers of glazes, metallic pigments and some glass pieces it sparkles and reflects the light in the room around it. For more information on this work, or how you can commission your own piece,please contact us and we can answer any questions you may have. 

©dani abbott fine art. all rights reserved. Artwork may not be reproduced without the artist's consent.


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