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🌴Introducing... “Kailea”, a beautiful piece in my series Titled “THE DEEP”. This piece of work is 40x30, acrylic mixed medium. I chose the name “Kailea” which is a Hawaiian word. I have spent a lot of time on the Islands and they are very meaningful to me. The Hawaiian origin meaning of Kai is "sea" The Hawaiian meaning for Le'a is: Joy, pleasure, happiness, merriment. The name can translate to mean Sea of Gladness or Joyful Sea, and it’s perfect for this beautiful painting. It has a cheerful joy to it and makes me feel light and happy when I look at it. I know it is going to be perfect for someone’s home and brighten up their space with its warmth and light. There is some soft reflective gold pigment accents as well as some hand placed crushed glass accents. The addition of these elements helps me to capture the way the sun glistens off the water. These special details look especially beautiful under art lighting. This artwork as been varnished for UV and archival protection to last a lifetime and beyond. Please contact us for purchase.

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    Shipping is not included. White-glove crated shipping can be arranged. For questions regarding shipping, submit an inquiry below. Otherwise, Dani will reach out to schedule shipping after purchase.

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