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Why You Should Try a Painting Knife with Acrylics

Using a painting knife as an artist's tool has such a different feel from the soft bristles of a paint brush.Often a beginner feels intimidated in trying new things, but remember when you were a kid and you had the chance to finger paint? Those slippery, slimy jars of gloss paint just begging for your fingers to smear them all over the waxy smooth paper and create a masterpiece for your mom to hang on the fridge?

Using the painting knife feels sort of like it, it is a looser way to create art and removes the fine precise technical skills required to paint with fine hairs often the size of an eyelash. Often as we get older and away from the child like exploration we limit ourselves to the same tools and things we are comfortable with. We develop our skill set, gain confidence and don't like that feeling of the unknown. But as an artist need to push past those limiting beliefs and fears and explore different ways to create and express your creative voice.

Painting knives are a springy shaped metal tool with a wooden handle that come in many different shapes and sizes. You can drag paint across the canvas, touch here and there, or scrap and pull as you desire to create whatever your mind can imagine. Acrylic paint lends itself very well, as it comes in different consistencies to play with.Each one is unique and creates a different look and feel to your art work. You can use a painting knife to apply a medium or build up texture as well. A palette knife is often used to scrap paint off your palette or mix paint or other additives into your paint. A palette knife is also usually made of stainless steel and has a rounded tip. Both of these are easily cleaned off with a damp cloth to remove any paint left over. I'm not honestly very good about cleaning my handles and I like the look of the many years of paint that builds up on the wooded grip.

Don't be afraid to try something new, and tap into the child like inspirations and excitement you once had. Keep your artistic energy fresh by experimenting and experiencing old materials and mediums in a new way. I'd love to hear if you give it a try!

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