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Why did I paint a Raccoon?

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"Stealing Time"

*(SOLD)*I knew when I painted a raccoon that people would maybe think it was an odd subject matter.Let me explain where my fascination with raccoons began.

I grew up in rural Northern Michigan.We always had pets, and I was extra fond of my cat, Oreo.My mom would feed Oreo during the warm summer months, out on our big covered, front porch.The food and water dish were filled and cleaned daily and Oreo loved the extra freedom of being outside often in the summer.

One night I looked out our large kitchen window that overlooked the porch and saw the biggest fattest raccoon.It was so cute and fluffy as it ambled over to the cats food and water dish to inspect.Carefully it would take one piece of the cats food, look at it, dip it in the water dish, making sure it was clean and then eat it! I called my brother in to watch this clever and clean little critter taking advantage of some free food.Night after night we would watch, entertained by this raccoon.Soon it was not just one raccoon anymore.She had given birth to her family and brought them all out to enjoy the porch, much to our delight.

I remember coming home late,after dark in the summer, and my parents parking the car in the drive.As we went to go inside, I heard the scrambling of tiny claws up the Maple tree next to the car.Grabbing a flash light and shining it up through the branches, the reflection of many many eyes gleamed back at me. Momma Raccoon and her babies had scrambled up the tree when we surprised them with a late night.

We went through a LOT of cat food that year... haha. but it was fun watching them at night and seeing the cute raccoon paw prints on the porch the next day.I never imagined someday I would paint one, but here it is. This piece sold very quickly to a family with a similar story of a cat, and feeding their new friend on their own front porch. They even shared a video with me of the raccoon they had grown fond of and continued to feed, even after their beloved cat passed away. It made the whole experience fresh for me all over again and I was thrilled to have a buyer who understood the emotion behind this painting. Time passes, but we always have memories, and those are some of the best treasures we will ever have.

Thanks for taking the time to read, best wishes.


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