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What's Up in the Studio?

As the world seems to be picking back up the pace of living, my artwork demand has picked up as well.I have been continuing my latest series "The Deep" as it is only becoming more meaningful to me than I originally imagined. After being in lockdown and travel being suspended for our family I found myself missing the sound of ocean waves more and more. Living in a desert climate, but growing up in the "Great Lake State" means I am more used to being surrounded by lakes, rivers, ponds and streams and never going far before you see more water. My favorite choice for vacations is also generally a piece of land surrounded by water. There is nothing like a tropical island to renew my soul, and inspire my work.Maui I miss you...

So, since I have not been able to gaze out over the waves, sail across the windy water I paint it.I paint it in an abstract way that reminds me of feelings I have, of memories, of the salt on my lips and how the ocean air makes my hair more curly. The freedom of the water calls to me, even now living in Arizona surrounded by cactus. In my art studio I am sailing, I am snorkeling beneath the chop of the waves taking in ever color, every ray of sunlight and ripple of the sand beneath me. The studio has become my "vacation".

"The Deep" series began before Covid changed the way this world looks, and it has been such a blessing for me. Art has been healing and therapeutic and a blessing in so many ways.The connections I make with people all over the world is something I would never trade. YOU make what I do even better. This series, water, connects us and I love that.

On my easel as I write this is a new piece I am working on. It has challenged it me a bit more than others, but I will win.I added gold leaf to this piece for more of a exotic look. The glimmer of light off the waves when the sun hits it just right almost blinding you. Sea Treasures hidden below where no one will ever find them, the iridescent glimmer of a tropical fish as it swims by... all these things play about in my thoughts as paint brush dips into paint and back onto canvas.I have yet to name this work, it needs a fitting name and I know it will come to me with time, as the painting has.Layers and layers and hour and hours later it has begun to come to life and feels living and breathing to me.

I post quiet regularly on my Instagram page, as well as more personal thoughts and my journey in my story if that is something that interests you. You can follow along @daniabbottfineart on Instagram.I use the work I do to make relationships and encourage others in any way I can. We inspire each other and as "iron sharpen iron", we make each other better. The human body is up to 60% water, we need it to survive and it connects us all, and unites us to this beautiful earth we walk on.I am going to continue this series because it speaks to me and it is speaking to many many people all over the world.

Please feel free to share you thoughts on this post or reach out to me with any questions you may have. Best wishes always - Dani

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