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"THE DEEP" Series

Michigan, known as the "Great Lake State", is the place I called home for over 20 years. It began my love affair with the water, as my time was often spent either on, in, or looking at water as much as possible. Winters were long, and we played on the frozen lakes, fished through holes, and hit hockey pucks around trying not to trip on the cracks in the ice, as our skate blades scrapped the rough surface. Summers meant swimming, skiing, fishing and anything to do with water. I was happy floating on a lake looking up at fluffy clouds drifting by, but spent most of my time under the water.I would explore and see what it felt like when to let out all your breath and look up at the sun's rays flickering from above through the ripples of water.

I later moved to Alaska and lived there about 5 years, what an amazing state! The rivers rush with glacial melt, so cold your hand goes numb in a minute even in June! Two different trips driving the Alaska /Canadian Highway from Anchorage Alaska to the US showed me beauty I had never seen before.

I would always notice the calm still waters so cold and deep, often run-off from Glaciers and snow-capped mountains,it has an amazing blue color.I didn't desire to swim in those waters, but I did take an opportunity to go white water rafting on the Nenana River, near the Denali National Park.The rushing silt filled water was fridgid, and you could taste it on your lips when the gritty gray water splashed you in the face.

My travels have taken me to Alaska, British Columbia, Mexico, Aruba, most of the Hawaiian Islands, California and many other amazing places. Each one with its own unique color of water and feel of the sand. Aruba's beaches had a soft peachy tone from the crushed sea shells, and the aqua water made a beautiful contrast.

"THE DEEP" Series is coming from these memories, these amazing places I have experienced.

The smell of the ocean, the salt on my lips, and the wind blowing my hair wildly about makes me feel alive, and here and present in this moment.

The water is so enticing ,so alluring, yet incredibly powerful and intimidating. I find clarity with my feet digging into the sand and my stare fixed out on a horizon line. Every wave that rolls in is a minute of time I truly appreciate and wish I could hold on to a little bit longer. This series is coming from a personal place in me, one of truth, of daydreams, of adventure and of believing in myself. In my opinion, it is some of the best work of my career to this point.

I am excited to continue on this journey and to share with you my vision for this series,I titled "THE DEEP". It is our journeys, our fears, our deepest contemplations and the wonders of this world wrapped into one.I hope I can create something impactful and half as beautiful as the world that inspired me paint it.

Wishing you the very best,


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