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A Truck Named Clifford

I have always had a playful side. Even though the years add up, there is a kid in me that continues to see the world through humor and lightheartedness. People often ask me how I come up with my ideas, its a very popular question. My ideas flow out of my imagination and the way I see the world. This story is an example.

I fell in love, and decided to move 4000 miles from my home state to marry a wonderful man in Alaska. It sounded like an adventure.I had no idea what I was getting into, and truth be told I was very unprepared for such a change in lifestyle, amenities and climate.One of my first changes was in a vehicle, on very snowy and slippery roads. I had always driven a car, and we had snow, but the roads were plowed and cared for quickly most of the time where I was from.

Red Dodge Truck pickup, Wasilla Alaska, Alaska girl, life in alaska , red trucks,
"Clifford the Big Red Truck"

My first winter in Alaska I was introduced to my new "ride". It was a clean older red truck with stiff suspension and the kind you have to grab on to something to pull yourself up into it. The truck and I got along great, the big tires, the size, and the power of the engine all seemed safe and almost playful. It was big and bulky after driving a low-to-the-ground car and I often felt like a clumsy girl trying to drive a tank.

Clifford the Big Red Dog, Dog, Dog wagging tail, cartoon dog, dog image, puppy , cartoon pup , puppy dog
also.. "Clifford"... Clifford the Big Red Dog

I decided this truck needed a name, so Clifford it was! My husband may have thought me a little crazy but he was a good sport. We had a lot of fun exploring Alaska together and Clifford was always a good boy. :)

Sunshine through trees, wasilla alaska, alaska in the winter, anchorage , anchorage alaska, winter scene of trees , snowy scene, snow on trees, woods in the winter
Sunshine does not equate warmth... Cold is Cold!

The coldest place I have EVER lived. I experienced 52 BELOW zero, and survived to tell you about it. I will say, I am happily thawing out in Arizona.

Clifford still lives in the Last Frontier, but I do think of him fondly.

Woman hiking in alaska, alaska wilderness, alaska in the summer, large boulders, hiking trail, hiking adventures, female hiking , girls who hike
Me hiking the Reed Lakes Trail, Alaska

Best hiking I have ever experienced. Waterfalls, snow-capped mountains in July, wild blueberries and of course bears.

The End

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