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Art and Emotional Health

ART ART ART! What a great way to brighten up your home. During this time of Covid and spending so much time in quarantine, or just at home with our families each day our homes have become our refuge, work space, and "schools". Your space should be a place you enjoy to be in, it should not add to the chaos.

At Dani Abbott Fine Art, my goals is to help you create an elegant, refreshing, peaceful home that is your sanctuary. You should feel joy and happiness in the place you spend so many hours. You need to have somewhere to unwind, surround yourself with beauty and escape from things that rob you from your peace of mind. The right artwork can do just that.

So many studies have been done on how art can lift mood, and colors can evoke the feelings you want to surround yourself with. This is your opportunity to buy something for you. My price points are higher than some, and I realize times are hard right now for many, but I don't want you to feel you can't have something of beauty and elegance in your home.I am offering FREE shipping on all pieces to your home within the US to help make the pricing more friendly.

Contemporary artwork, modern abstract painting, by Dani Abbott. Luxury Home Decor, Living Room wall art
Modern Luxury Abstract Art by Dani Abbott

Now more than ever I believe we need to be taking care of our mental wellness and soul. By enriching our homes and lives we are able to give to those around us. We all need a little encouragement right now.

My latest series using mixed medium methods continues to evolve as I have piece currently in the studio to add to the collection.These pieces are not ordinary by any imagination and still have many aspects and elements of my abstract style.Each work of art is an original painting on canvas. I do not often offer prints as I enjoy creating work that is rare, limited and one of a kind. I use heavy texture, or gold metallics, and pigments that are layered to give shimmer to make artwork that is unlike any other. Color is always used to enrich the painting through a glazing technique where I layer many many thin layers of paint to alter and build the shades and dimensions creating beautiful hues and tones of color for the viewer. It is an aspect of my work I get the most compliments on from my buyers.Colors are not just applied straight out of a tube of paint but created, each one is unique for that piece of work.

If you are interested in a work of art that catches your eye, please feel free to contact me for a price and more info.I will always to my best to answer your questions and appreciate you introducing yourself.I love getting to know those who appreciate what I pour my heart and soul into each day.

Thank you for your interest in my work and support. Would you like help choosing a special work of art for your home or a custom piece with your specific color scheme? I do offer personal commissions as well, in which I will work with you to create something that fits the size, tastes and colors you prefer for your home. Its your safe haven and I would be happy to help you make it someplace you enjoy.

Best Wishes,


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